There are many different ways to support the Eta Kappa chapter of Delta Gamma. The chapter’s biggest expense will always be the maintenance and upkeep of the chapter’s beautiful home at 2300 Greek Village Drive. We rely on the continued support of Eta Kappa alumnae, Delta Gamma alumnae, parents, and friends to help offset these expenses so the financial burden doesn’t fall solely on our undergraduates.

Because House Corporation organizations that support fraternities and sororities are not allowed the IRS designation of 501(c)3, donations to the House Corporation are not tax-deductible

For certain projects, we are allowed to accept tax-deductible gifts through the Delta Gamma Foundation and/or the NCSU Foundation. Please note, Delta Gamma Foundation gifts can only be used for building or renovating designated study spaces (e.g., library, chapter room, etc). Gifts through the NCSU Foundation can only be applied to our infrasctructure payments to the University, and this obligation will be paid in full in a few years.

For large donations, please reach out to the House Corporation to discuss whether making your donation through the Delta Gamma Foundation or NCSU Foundation is a better option.

Nancy Gray Schoonmaker, Gamma Phi-Arizona State

Current Fundraising Opportunities

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