Naming Opportunities

Questions? Please contact our acting House Corporation president
Nancy Gray Schoonmaker, Gamma Phi-Arizona State

Room Room # Gift Level Donor Name
Entrance Foyer $25,000 AVAILABLE
Living Room [AKA Parlor] $25,000 Phyllis Powers Eller-Moffet, Eta Kappa-NC State DG Mother
First Floor Den [TV lounge] $25,000 Susan Irvine Cole, Gamma Mu-Florida State
Sandra Doolittle Oliver, Gamma Mu-Florida State
Judith Kline Pickett, Gamma Mu-Florida State
Andrea Lane Zahn, Gamma Mu-Florida State
Given in Memory of Judith Pittman Field by her ΓM Chapter Sisters
Grand Staircase $25,000 Kara Eller Bertoncino, Delta Rho-Virginia Tech HK Chapter Recruitment Adviser & Mentor
Front Lawn Anchor $25,000 Tricia Proctor Bradley, Beta Theta-Duke
Second-floor bathroom $25,000 AVAILABLE
Leadership Training/Study Room $20,000 Gretchen Nadler Clifton, Gamma Zeta-Louisiana State HK Chapter ATC & Mentor
Beacon Study Room 123 $20,000 Ruth Verhulst Gray, Eta Kappa-NC State
Nancy Gray Schoonmaker, Gamma Phi-Arizona State
In Honor of Elizabeth Ann Schoonmaker HK ’02
Three Generations of ΔΓ Sisters
Elevator $20,000 AVAILABLE
House Director Suite $20,000 AVAILABLE
Kitchen $15,000 AVAILABLE
First-floor Bathroom $15,000 AVAILABLE
Second-floor Den/Study $10,000 AVAILABLE
Second-floor Front Porch $10,000 AVAILABLE
Leadership Drive Loggia $10,000 Bill (NCSU) and Laurie Richards Byrd, Alpha Delta-Oregon Wherever you are, reach out and find a sister.
Sleeping Room, Triple 207 $10,000 AVAILABLE
Sleeping Room, Triple 223 $10,000 AVAILABLE
Sleeping Room, Triple 235 $10,000 Maureen McCulloh Hollmeyer, Gamma Rho-Wittenberg
Shari Souser Malone, Gamma Epsilon-Kent State
Beth Bell Searcy, Epsilon Gamma-Virginia
Former ΔΓ Presidents
All of whom were part of the HK Colonization, and who currently reside in North Carolina
First-floor Study Room 139 $7,500 Whitney Marie Maloney, Eta Kappa-NC State
Alexis Vlahoplus Maloney, Mu-Missouri
Mary Vassely Vlahoplus, Epsilon Chi-South Carolina
Three Generations of ΔΓ Sisters
Second-floor Study Lounge $7,500 Elise Ingram Olsen, Iota-Illinois
Carolyn Nichols Simons, Iota-Illinois
Melissa Joyce Stout, Iota-Illinois
Phyllis Jane Stout, Iota-Illinois
Four I chapter sisters who made a home in North Carolina and served together on the HK House Corporation Board
Second-floor Study Atrium $7,500 AVAILABLE
Sleeping Room, Double 117 $7,500 Maureen McCulloh Hollmeyer, Gamma Rho-Wittenberg
Elizabeth Wollcott Jamieson, Zeta-Albion
Former HK House Corporation Presidents
They made a house into a home.
Sleeping Room, Double 119 $7,500 AVAILABLE
Sleeping Room, Double 121 $7,500 Marion Clark Weathers Former House Corporation President  She found the plot of land that became our home.
Sleeping Room, Double 125 $7,500 AVAILABLE
Sleeping Room, Double 127 $7,500 AVAILABLE
Sleeping Room, Double 129 $7,500 Patricia Proctor Bradley, Beta Theta-Duke
Joan Heiser Kramer, Beta Theta-Duke
Nell Newell Rubidge, Beta Theta-Duke
Given in Memory of Lillian Harward Watson by her BΘ Chapter Sisters.
Fulfilling her Dream of a ΔΓ Chapter at NCSU
Sleeping Room, Double 205 $7,500 Dr. Richard “Dick” & Barbara Boettcher Myers, Beta Xi-Michigan State A Loving & Supportive ΔΓ Sister and her Anchor Man
Sleeping Room, Double 209 $7,500 AVAILABLE
Sleeping Room, Double 217 $7,500 AVAILABLE
Sleeping Room, Double 219 $7,500 AVAILABLE
Sleeping Room, Double 221 $7,500 AVAILABLE
Sleeping Room, Double 225 $7,500 AVAILABLE
Sleeping Room, Double 227 $7,500 AVAILABLE
Sleeping Room, Double 229 $7,500 AVAILABLE
Sleeping Room, Double 233 $7,500 John Mountz & Kecia Jerrell Mounts, HK ’02 First Alumna Initiate of HK Chapter
Sleeping Room, Double 237 $7,500 Meredith Jordan Jennings, Delta Zeta-Memphis A Loving & Supportive ΔΓ Sister
Vanity Area first floor $5,000 Virginia McGee Anthony, Delta Sigma-Auburn
Sarah Helen Anthony, Eta Kappa-NC State
Mother and daughter who became sisters
Vanity Area second floor $5,000 Debra Ann Downard, Gamma Pi-Roanoke A Loving & Supportive ΔΓ Sister
Chapter Storage $5,000 AVAILABLE
Guest Powder Room $5,000 AVAILABLE
Guest Powder Room $5,000 AVAILABLE
Guest Powder Room $5,000 AVAILABLE
Laundry Room $3,000 AVAILABLE
Exterior & Interior Signage Package Jennifer Kay Herring, HK ’06
Jordan Kay Cooner, HK ’08
Joy and Jerome Kay
AOA Signs
With Gratitude from ΔΓ Friends & Sisters
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