construction update 13 April 2016

We do a monthly tour of the site with the construction and finance teams. There has been lots of progress inside, the brick work is almost finished, and in the next few weeks they plan to paint the exterior. Judy Kline Pickett, chair of the Design and Construction Committee, has ordered the furniture.

This door will be the main entrance from the rear of the house.13 Apr 2016 main entry from rear

This is the dining and meeting space for the chapter.
13 Apr 2016 great room.jpg

Turning to the right, this is the entrance to the storage, mechanicals, and front stairway to the main floor.
13 April 2013 great room to hallway

The new house will have lots more room for storage!
13 Apr 2016 rituals storage

When you get to the main floor, you look right into the Leadership Training Room. That’s Project Finance Adviser Maureen McCulloh Hollmeyer in the doorway.
13 Apr 2016 front hall toward Leadership Training

The Leadership Training Room will be a perfect space for studying and for small meetings such as CMT.
13 Apr 2016 Leadership Trng KD view

Looking the other way, you see the entry hall with front door facing Greek Village Drive to the right, and the front parlor on the Leadership Drive side. The construction team has protective coverings over our big doors and windows, so when those are removed the space will be white, bright, and airy.
13 Apr 2016 Leadership Trng toward Leadership Dr.

From the front hall, we go up the staircase to the top floor.
13 Apr 2016 monumental stair

At the top of the stairs, you see the study area that opens onto the veranda.
2nd floor study from stairs

A left turn takes us to the Presidents’ Suite, named for the three former Fraternity presidents who live in North Carolina. Generous gifts from presidents Maureen McCulloh Hollmeyer, Shari Souser Malone, and Beth Bell Searcy helped make this beautiful triple room a reality.
13 Apr 2016 Presidents' Suite windows

On down the hall are sleeping rooms and bathrooms, and at the rear of the house the Library. It wasn’t being photogenic, so let’s keep going to the laundry room. As requested, there will be three washers and three dryers.
13 April 2016 room for three washers, three dryers.jpg

Heading down the back stairs, we have a beautiful window and a view toward the other houses in Phase I.
view of KD from top of stairwell

Lots of natural light in the stairwell!
13 Apr 2016 top of stairwell

More soon!

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