House Rules for Harmonious Living

House Rules

  1. Only HE liquid detergent is to be used in the laundry machines. No laundry pods.
  2. Anyone who comes through the Delta Gamma house (chefs, cleaning people, alumnae, event staff, etc.) is to be treated with the utmost respect. Any issues or concerns should be taken up with the house director or director of house management to be properly taken care of.
  3. Each collegian will [eventually] have her own code, the last four digits of her student ID, and will use that on every door she needs to open. The programming of the locks gives appropriate access to each individual. So, for example, alumnae do not have access to the private areas, though the alumna in charge of house management does. You will have access to your own sleeping room but not to any others. Housekeepers will have limited hours of access MWF. Campus Cooks will have access through the kitchen door, and a camera will monitor that door because once someone enters that door they will be able to access the servery (and theoretically all the common areas).
  4. Residents are responsible for providing trash cans and curtain/tensions rod for residential rooms.
  5. No alcohol is allowed in the house.
  6. No smoking is allowed anywhere on the property.
  7. No men allowed beyond common areas. Obvious exceptions will be made for special events such as move-in day. If a male is to be in the residential area of the house, all in-house women must be properly notified and the house director or a designated alumna must be present.
  8. Cups and cutlery are owned by House Corporation. If they go missing, residents will be fined.
  9. Paint (including coolers and canvas painting) may only be used in two places: downstairs on a tarp, or outside on a tarp.
  10. There is to be no food in common areas.
  11. The only beverage permitted in common areas is clear water in a closed container.
  12. Meals, including take-out, are to be consumed in the dining room only. Appropriate dry snack foods may be stored in a sealed container and consumed in residential rooms.
  13. Chores will be assigned on a weekly basis. Failure to comply will result in a fine. House sweeps to check for compliance will be conducted by the director of house management, in conjunction with the house director.
  14. No mini fridges are permitted in rooms. Food needing refrigeration must be labeled and stored in the downstairs fridge for chapter use, in the servery. There is also a freezer for member use.
  15. Any and all items left in common areas for an extended period of time will be placed in a designated lost and found.
  16. Any and all items left in the house after move-out day will be thrown out.
  17. Rules are subject to additions/changes.
  18. Noncompliance with house rules will result in consequences.
  19. No candles or open flames allowed in rooms.
  20. Command strips only are to be used to hang things on walls.
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